The Road That I Took

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I stepped on the road, that was less travelled by In a hope to reach somewhere that they called beautiful  but I forgot that I wasn’t alone I wasn’t the only one running for a mirage… .   .   . I kept looking through the turns  finding the faces similar…

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Strangers who part ways

As my good friend once said, ‘There are some people you form an instant bond with, and then there are those with whom no matter how you try it just never works out’. I never ever thought that this would not work out. Things were falling apart and none of us were at fault. She […]

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Strangers who Dream

It had been one year seven months since I met him at the bus stop. I tried calling the number that was written in the book but all I could hear was static. Either he was dead or worse abducted by aliens. It was a bright, sunny, Sunday morning and I could feel the positive […]

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Archived Chats #2

******is online 7 March 2018 ******[1:20 am]: Why are you doing this? You are online [1:21 am]: doing what? You are offline ******[1:21 am]: Ignoring me. This is killing me you know. You are online [7:21 am]: What’s wrong? You know I’ve been busy. I’m not ignoring you. I’d never do that. I just don’t […]

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Let’s talk about Us

In Grayscale I have been trying to trace your fingertips on mine. You’re standing there, facing the lake. The great glass window that shows me your back slowing turning around. Beckoning me to come-   The grass is moist and yet it’s not I’ve been wanting to talk about us But you prefer stealing kisses- […]

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31st July 2015 It’s been some time. I’m sorry. I joined this college and I’m a misfit already. There have been a few freshers who wanted to talk to me but I just couldn’t say anything to them. I know I’m embarrassing myself but I just don’t like people anymore. Ever since you left us […]


Archived chats #1

****** is online 16 September 2017 [1:20 pm]: Hey ******[1:20 pm]: Hey 😀 [1:21 pm]: I feel like I’m slowing fading. [1:21 pm]: Everything I was, I am is slowing fading. ******[1:21 pm]: What’s wrong? Is everything alright? D: [1:22 pm]: You know it’s not fair, how we meet certain people. Spent time. Then pretend […]

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Clouded views of the heart Crystal clear design of your eyes. A forgotten paradise we built And traps we sow so deep.   My memory of you is slowly fading, You’re standing right there All alone with the mist. Trying to find your way back home.   I’m not brooding because you’re gone I’m only […]

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Strangers who read

Has it ever happened to you? How you meet people for a short amount of time and they become so important to you.   The rained poured down from heaven like it had serious issues with the people of Earth. I had an awful day at college and the rain had made it worse. I […]

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I’m Scared

I’m Scared ~to not love again.  Why wasn’t I warned that it would be this hard? I had given my heart, I wanted him, and I had him Why didn’t anyone tell me it could have been infatuation? The child in me had died when I knew it was no longer true. I had played […]

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