Honest Lies

How often have we been asked by our well wishers if we were doing well or if we were upset ?

How often have we lied to them?

But then if you carefully think about it, you’re not really lying to them. You’re lying to yourself.

The situations or the circumstances you go through, you accept it as inevitable and simply move on. You think there’s nothing to be done. However in reality, maybe just maybe you’re only scared. Scared of confiding in someone because in the end, people do is offer empathy and even pretend to actually care about you.

If you were lucky enough, you’ve probably met some pretty amazing people. They understand you on a whole new level and probably even know you more than you know yourself. They deeply care about you and will do anything in their ability to keep you happy and in good health. Sometimes we find these people in our oldest of friends, the ones we’ve known since ages and sometimes we find them in the people we only met a month ago.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. We take them for granted because they tolerate us on a daily basis. We come to the conclusion they’re never going to leave you but when do, don’t they?

This is why appreciation is there. When you lie to yourself, aren’t you also lying to the friendships and relationships you have?

Do we lie because we don’t want to bother anyone with our problems or do we do it because we think others cannot understand us.

Let me be honest because others cannot understand, they will never be able to fully comprehend what situations we are going. They’d need be in our shoes and God forbid if anyone had to go through what we go through.

So, what can we do?

We cherish these people. These people who are trying their best to solve other’s problems rather than theirs. These people who’d talk you out of suicide or even murder. These people who’d probably carry you while Sam carried Frodo to Mount Doom.

What if they leave today? or tomorrow?

You have memories that made you strong and even if you did happen to get attached to them while definitely did not, know that everyone and anyone you meet in life comes in and goes out of your life with a purpose.

It is hard I admit but not impossible if you have you priorities straight.

Maybe it’s better if we walk away as strangers rather than be friends and have knives at each other’s throats. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-18 at 12.07.22 AM
Art by Akash Rawat


I did not intend to bore you but this was more of a confession because I too had been lying to myself. Also I’ve been ungrateful.



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